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StingerWorx is a full spectrum manufacturing company based just outside of Boise, Idaho that laid it’s roots on hard work, precision, innovation, and cutting edge technology. In an industry saturated with multimillion dollar companies, and endless resources, we take pride in doing it the old fashioned way. While everyone loves an underdog story; we live it, and wouldn't have it any other way.  We hold patents across multiple industries, and have done research, development, prototype, and production work for some of the more prolific companies within the defense space.  Stingerworx has been behind the scenes in developing products and innovations in the water well drilling, medical/prosthetic, outdoor recreation, exoskeletal, carbon fiber, and of course, the silencer industry. Our constituents have even done work with the Mars Rover project.

Our philosophy is to go 'beyond what is possible’, and to always ask the question, “Why?’. This is best exemplified though our flagship product, The Emperor Series Suppressor. Through this system, we have totally changed the way our industry conceptualizes, and interacts with suppressor functionality and technology. With more than six patent pending design features on one product, it becomes easy to see how much room for growth and innovation this industry holds. We will always strive to push the limits on our designs to provide the end user with the most precise, reliable, and cutting edge products. This is only the beginning. Stay Tuned.



There are many things that makes StingerWorx different from all others on the market today. From our approach to product development methods to our unique modular and adaptable suppressor system designs StingerWorx products will stand out from the crowd in form, fit and function. We will reach to the farthest corners of the earth to find the technology we need and if we still can’t find it will develop it ourselves. We will never take no for an answer and if someone says it can’t be done that will only fuel our fire. Click to learn more about our unique approach to our products and development as we strive to move beyond what’s possible.



how to purchase a suppressor

A suppressor can be purchased either as an individual or in a gun trust and either way the first step is to purchase a suppressor direct from StingerWorx or from a local dealer.  If purchasing directly from our website we will then transfer the suppressor from us to your local dealer.  This will take 4 to 8 weeks after which your dealer will help you in filling out what i refered to as an ATF Form 4.   



Why use a suppressor

The better question is why wouldn’t you shoot with a suppressor. It makes the shooting experience much more enjoyable for everyone. It isn’t loud for your kiddos and your ear pro doesn’t get in the way…….