StingerWorx embodies what it means to chase the American Dream. Woven into the social fabric of our company lies a diverse group of engineers, businessmen, and adventurers. Our people are unequivocally, our greatest resource. We take great pride in the fact that we design, build, test, and manufacture everything in one facility. We scrutinize over everything we produce with the attention to detail that is sure to satisfy the most discerning of customers; just as they did in the old days. Our goal is to merge the pride, grit, and service that this country was built on, with the cutting edge science and machinery that is paving it’s future.

For the last four years, StingerWorx has been doing contract work in engineering, design, manufacturing, and testing for some very well known names in the defense industry. After years of designing and testing concepts, developing new technology, and applying for over a dozen patents; we have created a technologically advanced silencer system that just may change the standard in the firearms industry.

This is just the beginning. At StingerWorx, we strive to create products that we are passionate about. If its shoots, goes really fast, flies, or can enable us to take our adventures to the next level, you can guarantee that we are involved in finding ways to design and build the absolute best product available.