Frequently asked questions about our products

Q: Can you replace the baffle stack on the emperor suppress?

Yes you can, however you will have to ship the suppressor into us and we will do it and ship it right back.

Q: Can I buy multiple baffle stack and switch them out for different calibers?

Yes that is possible to do with the Emperor suppressor, however due to the way the law is written that is not an option at this time. However if and when the Hearing Protection Act passes you will be able to do that and purchase additional baffle stacks. pass

Q: Does adding the Over The Barrle Expansion Chamber (OBX) add additional length to my weapon?

No, it does not. The barrel of the weapon will go through the OBX and thread on as it normally does. This is the same for the Emperor MB series.

Q: What is the different between the Emperor series and the Emperor MB Series?

The Emperor Series is a direct thread and the Emperor MB Series attaches to the weapon via the Emperor Muzzle Brake.

Q: How much addition sound reduction does the OBX give me when I have it attached?

On the direct thread Emperor it will reduce the decibel level anywhere from 1.5 to 3 db. However the decibel reduction is seen on weapons with shorter barrels and when using hotter ammunition.