Our Approach to Design 

We have made it our mission to always use the latest technology, software and whatever else we can get our hands on to create, design and manufacture our products.  This all takes place under one roof and we take great pride in that.  We believe in a true form engineering approach to product development.  A process in which time is taken up front to do the math and crunch the numbers that drive design and bridge the gap between theory and real life.  This process amongst other things greatly reduces costs and our time to market.  An interesting example of this is our CFD (computational fluid dynamics) software.  Before we ever cut a piece of metal we build and test inside of a computer.  To take it one step further we can tell the software that in order to meet our parameters it has the freedom to change certain geometry, length diameter or degreeof baffles, tubes and blast chambers.  It will then run a simulation, change one of the allowed parameter and run another simulation.  It will repeat this process until it finds the most effective solution.  This process may take a day or several weeks however at the end of it we will, to a high degree of certainty, have a product that will require significantly less prototyping and testing.  Is there a secret sauce to get technology like CFD software to accurately simulate real world solutions?  Absolutely there is, and will we ever share our secrets?  No way! 



When you purchase from StingerWorx, you will receive a product that was designed, thought out and analyzed to the nth degree with the end user in mind.  A product in which attention to detail around form, fit and function were scrutinized, debated, studied and tested until our eyes could not stay open any more.  We do this because of passion and principal.  The fact that this is a job for us at StingerWorx is simply a byproduct of what we were born to do.  We strive to design, engineer and create products that are truly unique and different from that which is already on the market.  From material choices, manufacturing process to aesthetics our products will stand out from the crowd   


StingerWorx Emperor Series Suppressor Technology 

Built using the latest in CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) and FEA (Finite Element Analysis), the StingerWorx Emperor Series suppressors were designed and engineer from a clean sheet of paper.  A pure engineering approach was taken. 

  • 100% TITANIUM - All parts are built form the same grade of solid material.  We do not use tubing.   

  •  NON WELDED – Our patent pending Stinger Baffle system in which each baffle is uniquely designed, and different form the one behind it.  It is not simply a repeat of the same baffle. 

Each baffle threads to the next and is then threaded together from both side of the baffle tube thus putting the tube in compression and the baffle stack in tensionThis creates and extremely robust and durable baffle stack held in place by two separate locations. 

  • TITANIUM BLAST BAFFLE   Because of its unique patent pending design there is no need for heavier materials such and Inconel and satellite to be used. Where other blast baffles take the brunt of hot gases and particles exiting the muzzle the StingerWorx blast baffle directs damaging blast and spreads the wear over a vastly larger surface are of the two separate internal gas chambers.  

  •  REPLACEABLE BAFFLE STACK – The baffle stack is held to the blast chamber via a threaded jam nut and seals on a taper between the blast chamber and baffle stack.  This taper by nature makes the baffle stack perfectly concentric to the blast chamber.  In addition it also seals hot gases from entering the threads of the jam nut.  This patent pending feature allows the baffle stack to easily be removed and replaced if ever damaged or warn without having to replace the entire suppressor.  Something that cannot be done on a welded suppressor. 

  • PERFECTLY CONCENTRIC  All parts of this suppressor from front to back align on tapers including the over the barrel expansion chamber.  Not only does this make the entire suppressor concentric it also seals hot gases and carbon buildup form critical parts of the suppressor. 

  • OVER THE BARREL EXPANSION CHAMBER  This unique feature of the Emperor suppressor allows the user to add additional volume to the blast chamber without increasing the overall length of the weapon.  This will yield an additional 1.5 to 3 decibels of sound reduction depending the barrel length, ammunition, caliber etc.